It's a good start. Let's start again in 2021


The Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox is a special Spring Festival. Many of us have joined an organization called "Yuannian People" (referring to "people who celebrate the New Year in situ"). Although we are somewhat helpless, people have comforted their homesickness with New Year dinners, used cloud to pay New Year greetings to connect family ties, and placed orders to send warmth to their relatives from other places, which still makes this year a very interesting one.

At the reunion, peace is the blessing. Gao Shi's partners also actively responded to the call of the government and the company. Most of the employees stayed in Shanghai for the New Year. In order to increase the income of the partners who stay in Shanghai for the Spring Festival, the company flexibly adjusted the Spring Festival holiday, voluntarily signed up to stay on duty, and realized the double harvest of head and pocket.

On the ninth day of the first month, the Year of the Ox will begin! The rate of arrival on the first day of construction was 98.94%. I would like to pay tribute to my family and colleagues who stayed in Shanghai for the holidays. My heart is in my hometown, and I wish my family and country peace. To the colleagues who are tired and return to work on time, we will make progress through trials and hardships.

On the first day of opening the door in 2021, the leaders of the company welcomed every partner with red envelopes and said "Happy New Year" to each other. This warm feeling surging in everyone's heart has far exceeded the value of red envelopes. The indispensable family photo is the horn for us to unite, get ready and embark on the journey. 8: At 08, the crackling sound of firecrackers ignited the determination to create new brilliance. The red on the ground is the symbol of our new year.






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