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Shanghai Gous Optics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on optical technology. Its business field covers the entire optical industry chain of optical materials, optical components and optical modules.

In terms of optical materials, as the partner and authorized distributor of Schott Group in Germany, we have been committed to promoting the application of international advanced optical materials to China's optical industry, helping China's optical industry to be in line with international standards. We have a wide understanding of market demand, keenly capture emerging applications, actively exert our professional knowledge and rich experience in optical processing and applications, guide and assist the international glass manufacturer to determine glass frit and melting molding specifications according to demand; promote the processing technology of high-quality imported materials to a large number of domestic optical companies, so that the upstream and downstream of the industry can be smoothly connected, and each other's grasp of industrial opportunities can be timely and efficient. We always have a large stock of high-end optical materials. It has become a complete spot supermarket for imported optical glass materials in China.

With complete processing equipment and perfect processing methods, we can process imported large-size and complete packaging materials into the size and form required by local customers, which is convenient for customers to purchase flexibly and provide good last-mile service for materials to the factory.

In terms of optical components, relying on our advantages in materials, combined with our own rich processing and testing equipment, we can provide a variety of finished optical components processing, further expand the depth and breadth of services, meet the diverse needs of different types of customers, facilitate customers implement procurement more simply and efficiently, and optimize their supply chain. We can manufacture various optical components, meanwhile, we are gradually forming our own unique advantages in the fields of large-size optical blank processing, special-shaped component carving processing, and double-sided polishing processing.

In terms of optical modules, we mainly serve customers in the field of analytical instruments and medical diagnosis, Gous has become a well-known domestic professional product and service provider in this field.  We have professional optical design and optical-mechanical-computer integration system design capabilities. According to the application requirements of customer instrument development, we can design and customize photoelectric modules. We have formed a complete product series in the fields of water analysis, biomedical analysis, fluorescent immunology, PCR fluorescence detection, etc., and accumulated many application experience and successful cases. We have our own mechanical processing factory, which can conduct rapid trial production for customers' customized products; we also have established an automated batch assembly production base for some module products, which can bring our customers high production capacity and efficiency. Combining our own advantages in optical materials and components, we are committed to providing customers with cost-effective module products and solutions, and contributing to improving the professional level of domestic analysis and medical instrument industries.


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Become an excellent domestic high-end optical materials spot supply and processing service provider
Become an internationally renowned supplier of optoelectronic module products for analytical and medical instruments


Promote the application of international advanced optical materials to China's optical industry, and help the rise of China's optical industry
With professional optics and opto-mechanical integration engineering capabilities, help to upgrade domestic analytical and medical industry


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