Optical Module

Mainly serve the field of professional analytical instruments and medical diagnostic equipment. Professional optical design and optical-mechanical-computer integration system design capabilities. According to the application requirements of instrument development, design and customize the photoelectric module. Committed to providing customers with cost-effective photoelectric module products and solutions. With own supporting machinery processing factory, quickly respond to the demand for customized samples of modules. Well established automated batch assembly, with high production capacity and efficiency. Mature products: water analysis, biomedical analysis, fluorescence immunity, PCR fluorescence detection.
  • TO Subassembly
    Light source TO Subassemblies include Assembled halogen light sources, Laser diode light sources, LED Light sources etc.
  • Multi-wavelength Test
    Main application areas: biochemical analyzer, environmental analysis and food test, etc.
  • Immunofluorescence Assy
    All Fluorescence Filters have high block for excitation and stray light
  • PCR Fluorescence Test
    Standard 4 channel design for scanning test on standard PCR plate


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