Optical Materials from SCHOTT

Schott Group's domestic partners and authorized distributor for certain optical materials. According to market demand, assist the international glass manufacturer to determine glass frit and melting molding specifications for new applications. According to the characteristics of imported materials, cooperate with domestic enterprises to explore their processing technology and help localization promotion. Large stock of high-end optical materials, complete spot supermarket for imported optical glass materials in China. Convenient for domestic optical processing factories to optimize their own inventory management, reduce inventory pressure, and purchase materials on demand. Process imported materials with large size and complete packaging into blanks or semi-finished products according to the actual needs of customers. Save the front-end glass blank processing process for domestic optical processing factories and help them focus on the back-end precision processing.
  • SCHOTT Optical Glass
    As new innovations and melting processes are introduced, SCHOTT’s unrivalled range of around 120 glass types is constantly evolving...
    SCHOTT ZERODUR® is a lithium aluminum silicon oxide glass-ceramic with exceptionally low and homogeneous thermal expansion...
  • SCHOTT Filter glass
    SCHOTT\'s Optical Filter Glass portfolio boasts a diverse range of shapes and sizes, all meticulously engineered to deliver superiortransmittance ...
  • SCHOTT AS 87
    SCHOTT AS 87 ,as the world\'s first high-strength ultra-thin glass with no need for slimming, is ideal for the protection of sensors…
  • SCHOTT D 263®
    This thin borosilicate glass is the gold standard in camera imaging thanks to its high optical precision…
    SUPREMAX® offers a similar range of properties to BOROFLOAT® floated glass, but is available in much greater thicknesses...
  • SCHOTT B 270®
    Manufactured using SCHOTT\'s up-draw process, this highly transparent glass, SCHOTT B 270® offers excellent optical quality....
    Manufactured using SCHOTT\'s up-draw process, this highly transparent glass, SCHOTT B 270® offers excellent optical quality…
Our optical processing department has a wealth of processing equipment and means for different materials: several automatic scribing equipment with different sizes and precision accuracy for thin glass slicing; internal and external circular cutting equipment for glass blocks cutting; large wire cutting and water cutting equipment for large size materials cutting; profiling and CNC engraving equipment for various special-shaped components shaping; grinding, polishing and other equipment for semi-finished and finished components manufacturing etc. Our rich processing methods can meet most of the front-end processing needs of customers, so as to make a more perfect "last mile" service for optical materials to the factory.


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